Beard Vape Co.

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No. 5 - Who doesn’t like cheesecake? We love cheesecake; Especially New York Style; And on top of that, strawberries? You just can’t go wrong with strawberries! No.5 is where it’s at!

VG to PG = 60/40

No. 32 - Let’s take a trip to your favorite theme park and try the cinnamon funnel cake. It’s delicious and we are sure you’ll like No.32, because that’s exactly what this tastes like, a cinnamon funnel cake!

VG to PG = 60/40

No. 64 - With the tart taste of hibiscus and the sticky sweetness of blue raspberry, No.64 is the flavor you’ve been looking for. You won’t forget the awesomeness of this flavor!

VG to PG = 70/30

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