My First Blog!

Nov 1st 2018

Hey Fam! Here's to a new adventure! 

I fell in love with vaping a few years ago and I was able to put down stinky ol' cigarettes (for the most part). I love that I can vape around my family and not feel guilty. I feel better and smell good too. Last year, we moved our family out of the Big City of Austin, Tx. into the suburbs of Hutto, Tx. We have 4 children so we just needed more space and couldn't afford it in the city. We actually love it here. It has that small community feel. The only problem was that there were no vape shops that sold premium juice! We were driving 20 miles to our dear friends Drip N Rip! 

But not anymore! Here we are! Cozy Vape in Hutto, Tx. Our purpose and intention is to give people an alternative to stinky cigs. We will provide all premium juices and regulated hardware. 

But that's not all. I plan on bringing in my own flare or vibe if you will. I have been through some shit in my life and I have found tools that have helped bring me through it all. I want to share that love just as it was shared with me. So we will be bringing in other products and services that assist in holistic healing. I believe in creativity and connection. And I am so stoked to share that with my community! 

Love and Light,